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John McTernan "God's Final Warning to Islam" room session (recorded on Paltalk 3.09.03) listen and read accompanying  study notes

Christians are being held in prisons all over the world.. mainly just for sharing their Christian faith. Write them here. List>

  • What is behind the UFOs?
  • Are they real?
  • What does the Bible say about them?
  • What is their agenda for Planet Earth?

Chuck Missler - Khouse.org The Return of the Nephilim

Part 1 ''Houston, this is Discovery...''
Part 2 ''As the days of Noah were..''
Part 3 What exactly are angels?
Part 4 The tribes of the Devil
Part 5 Defend yourself with the Armor of God

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There is only one baby born, for every 25 families waiting to adopt one". (Parents in Waiting org)


Jesus Spoke Hebrew: Busting the "Aramaic" Myth

Aramaic is nowhere mentioned in the New Testament.  Yet on numerous occasions it speaks of the “Hebrew” language in first century Judaea – from the title over Jesus’ cross “in Hebrew” (John 19:20), to descriptions of places like Gabbatha and Golgotha “in the Hebrew tongue” (John 5:2; 19:13, 17; Rev. 9:11; 16:16), to Paul gaining the silence of the Jerusalem crowd by addressing them “in the Hebrew tongue” (Acts 21:40; 22:2), to Jesus himself calling out to Paul, on the Damascus road, “in the Hebrew tongue” (Acts 26:14). [read]

Join the Prayer Team for Assyrian Christians (Iraqi) here and visit Assyrianchristians.com

Pakistani Christians: Living Daily With Danger

Serving Survivors of the Holocaust

The Antichrist from the Middle East? (Missler) [Read]

Iraq Christians Describe Suffering Under Saddam

Palestinian Christians Suffer in Silence
Learn the bible in 24 Hours - Missler 66/40 [Listen]

The Origin of the Word of God
How We Got Our Bible

66/40 Radio Broadcast
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  • Where did our Bible come from?
  • How do we know that it really is the Word of God?
  • Which version is the best?
Part 1 How can we have confidence in the Bible?
Part 2 What role do the Bible codes play?
Part 3 How does the rigidity of Greek help with the Old Testament?
Part 4 Why is Matthew's gospel longer? Are the discourses verbatim?
Part 5 What about the KJV only debate?

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The Origins And Movement of Islam
The Sword of Allah
66/40 Radio Broadcast

  • With their oil revenues and their possession of nuclear weapons, their aggressive agenda cannot be ignored.
Part 1 What is an Arab?
Part 2 Hidden Plots, Secret Motivations
Part 3 The Threat of the Magog
Part 4 The Lies of Mohammed
Part 5 A Miracle at Fatima?

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  • Did God institute the Sabbath just for Israel?
  • Does a Christian have to keep the Sabbath?
  • How did Sunday replace Saturday as "the holy day"?

Chuck Missler - Khouse.org The 7th Day

Part 1 When was the Sabbath instituted? When will it be reinstituted?
Part 2 What is the purpose of the Sabbath?
Part 3 How is the Sabbath treated in the New Testament?
Part 4 How does Grace vs. Law approach the Sabbath?
Part 5 How has Sunday worship been used for political gain?

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Betrayal of the Chosen Israel, The Land Of Promise

How does Israel's modern history relate to prophecy?
Listen to Part 1 »
How does the Bible talk about two Messiahs?
Listen to Part 2 »
What is the truth behind the history of the middle east?
Listen to Part 3 »
How is the U.N. anti-Semetic?
Listen to Part 4 »
Compare the sellout of the Sudatenland with Israel's peace process.
Listen to Part 5 »



Practical Suggestions On How To Take The Bible Seriously
How To Study The Bible
66/40 Radio Broadcast

  • Is the Bible to be taken literally or figuratively?
  • Which translation is best?
  • What study aids would be most helpful in beginning my own home study library?
Part 1 How can one Book be written by over 40 authors?
Part 2 How can we verify the integrity of the Bible's design?
Part 3 How do our presuppositions affect our study of the Bible?
Part 4 How do we deal with contradictions and paradoxes?
Part 5 How does methodology affect our studying?

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Biblical Archaeology
Digging Up The Truth

66/40 Radio Broadcast

  • Cuneiform Tablets
  • Sumerian King's List
  • Cyrus Cylinder
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Magdalen Papyri
Skeptics ridicule and historians mock, but the historical accuracy of the Bible continues to be confirmed by archeological finds.
Part 1 How are Bible skeptics refuted with archaeology?
Part 2 Are traditional Biblical sites what they are purported to be?
Part 3 Bob Cornuke: Detective techniques applied to Biblical archaeology
Part 4 Investigating the Flood and Ark of Noah
Part 5 The Shipwreck of Paul in Acts 27

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''The Capital Of The World''
The Mystery Of Babylon: An Alternate View
66/40 Radio Broadcast

The most important city in Iraq is not Baghdad and you have probably never heard it mentioned on the 10 o'clock news. It is mentioned over 300 times in the Bible (and it is even mentioned three times in the family tree of our Lord Jesus Christ!) This is, of course, Babylon.  It was founded by the first world dictator, Nimrod, and it may well be destined to be the capital of the final world dictator,commonly called the Antichrist! This may all be emerging on our near horizon.

Part 1 Babylon and Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Cities
Part 2 The Handwriting On The Wall: ''Your Number's Up!''
Part 3 The Destruction of Babylon: Smart Bombs and Nuclear Weapons?
Part 4 The Prophecies of Babylon: Rebirth and Obliteration
Part 5 New Babylon Comes!




Using the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic texts, and the New Testament, Michael Brown provides thorough answers to nearly forty objections regarding Jesus as the Messiah.

A veteran China watcher explains the unreported story of how Christianity is transforming China today

China: Tens of thousands come to faith every day

"Secondly, the Chinese church is focussed much more on a completely different epidemic," says Hattaway. Years ago, the government, frustrated by their unsuccessful attempts to hinder the growth of Christianity in China, published a document describing the problem as 'Jidujiao-re', Christianity Fever. This second epidemic has continued to spread alarmingly (for the government), reaching the poor, rich, villagers and city-dwellers, the educated and illiterate. The more the authorities try to control Christianity by imprisoning those they identify as the main carriers of this 'fever', the more the movement spreads. Christian leaders in China say that the SARS virus has made people more open to the Gospel than before. According to Hattaway, it can realistically be estimated that tens of thousands of people come to faith in Jesus every day since the outbreak of SARS. Chinese Christians have already published pamphlets about "Jesus the great doctor".
Source: Paul Hattaway, fax (+66) -53-800665, e-mail office@asiaharvest.org; www.asiaharvest.org

Methods Muslims use to Attack Christianity When dealing with Muslims it is wise to understand some of the approaches they use. More>


    Afghanistan: Mullah finds Jesus

    "In the months since the Taliban regime was overthrown, we've repeatedly heard of people becoming Christians," reports the mission agency Open Doors. "One of these people is Fahmir (name changed), an ex-Mullah. Mullahs are some of the most respected people in Afghan society; they know the whole Koran and many prayers and songs by heart. Fahmir is from a Mullah family, and came to Jesus through contact with a Christian and reading the Bible. 'I used to preach in mosques, now I want to preach the word of God,' he says."

    Many Afghanis open for the Gospel

    "Preaching and following Jesus is somewhat dangerous in a Muslim culture," he continues. "A friend and I mingle with the people, drink tea and keep an eye out for others who are open for spiritual things. We then spend more time with them, discovering who is open for the Gospel. In one area, we had two hundred contacts, and can now go to start a house church. People in Afghanistan have had enough of the Taliban and Muslim extremists, that's clear. They are ready for Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Some people tell us that they know four or five others who think similarly - and the movement spreads."
    Source: 'Fahmir' in 'Offene Grenzen' 1/03, www.offenegrenzen.ch
Symposium on Islam: Muslims & The Judeo-Christian World - Where to From Here? (C-Span.org real media video) 
Christian Coalition
of America : Guest Speakers: Daniel Pipes, Joseph Farah, Bill Koenig, Feder and Mikhail.
2/15/2003: WASHINGTON, DC: 2 hr. 30 min.

    Ghana: Mohammed in church

    "Where can you hear hundreds of Muslim names such as Achmed, Mohammed, Fatuma or Mariam in a Christian church? In which nation has the percentage of Muslims dropped by a quarter in the past decade? Ghana," says German missionary Walter Gschwandter. Thousands of pastors are being trained, causing a permanent scarcity of literature. Missions agencies such as OM (Operation Mobilisation) have sent a cry for more literature in Accra.
Was Jesus God ? messages by a Nigerian missionary. Each talk lasts approximately thirty minutes showing evidence from both the old and new testaments. (audio mp3) Part 1 Part 2 If these links don't work, please try in Windows Media Player Format here Part 1 Part 2

    USA: Something unusual from a TV evangelist

    Dorothea and Erich Reber, a young Swiss couple, visited the USA in Autumn 2002. Dorothea was pregnant, so they were both worried when she started suffering strong stomach pains after drinking something. She was unable to eat for days, and then had a severe migraine. Her condition deteriorated, and they were about to go to hospital when Erich suddenly had the impression that he should switch the TV on. "At first, I wondered what my wife would say when I told her that God told me to switch on the TV at midnight! But I did it," he says. "We saw a well-known TV evangelist," says Dorothea, "and the first person he prayed for stood up out of their wheelchair - but I thought 'not everyone in a wheelchair is paralysed'. After my first critical thought, the evangelist suddenly turned to the camera, saying 'A woman called Dorothea is watching! You're watching the programme for the first time. You have severe stomach pains and a migraine. God will now touch you and heal you!' And so it was - the pains left me that night, and I could eat again," she says.
What is Christianity ? read
66/40 Chuck Missler The Origin of the Word of God
How We Got Our Bible


    India: Evangelistic movement in Northern India spreads

    "Almost 10,000 new Christian groups were started in 2002, more than twice the number of new churches in 2001," reports Operation Agape's Dr. Alex Abraham. "One of our partners tells us that 1,400 members of the Banjara tribe in Andhra Pradesh were baptised in the past four months."

    Uttar Pradesh: 7,000 new churches

    We counted 8,500 churches in Punjab, 500 of which were planted by the Operation Agape team in 2002 alone. The house churches in Uttar Pradesh are spreading rapidly: in the past two years, prayer groups have started in 17,000 houses, and around 7, 000 house churches have been formed.

    Woman healed of epilepsy

    Yousuf, one of the movement's staff, prayed for a woman suffering from serious epilepsy. Jesus touched the woman and healed her; she became a zealous Christian, and decided to evangelise in front of her house. 100 of her 175 listeners decided to also become Christians.

    700 new house churches in Chatisgarh

    H.K. Patel reports from Chatisgarh in central India: "The 95 prayer groups with which we started in 1997 grew to 500 house churches in 2000 and 700 now. Many people in the Satnami tribe are coming to Jesus."

    Water out of dryness

    "In Hinota, a village in Dindori (Chatisgarh), we started prayer walks," says Patel. "The land is known to be very dry, so we blessed it in God's name. Not long afterwards, the Panchayat (village mayor) was astonished by the amount of water which came out of the water pump. The government officials were so astonished that they asked us to pray for other arid areas."
    Source: Operation Agape, alexagapeldh@cs.com


Konoina House - Chuck Missler's Daniel's 70 Weeks - In this study of Daniel's 70 Weeks, you will discover this amazing prophecy in the Old Testament predicted the very day that Jesus presented Himself as the Meschiach Nagid, the Messiah the King, to Jerusalem.

Branch of David Org's. Connecting Israel and the Church

Rebuttals to Muslim Polemics against Christianity (answering-islam.org) read
Biblical Christianity Explained to Muslims, Atheists and Agnostics, Children , Hindus Sikhs and Buddhists
Muslims often accuse that the Bible is "corrupted". We not only can prove this isn't true from historical evidence, we present points in their own Quraan that indicate this. read...
On the Triune Nature of God:  Persians for Jesus , AMFI org , Answering Islam
History often Politicized: The perspective  of  Medieval Scholar Thomas E. Madden who's area of expertise is the Crusades. One Two
Phillipine men deported  for possessing bible Saudi Arabian authorities have deported two Filipino Christians after the pair spent more than a month in prison. Read more.......
Surprising Quotes from the Quran/Mohammed read
12/26/91Tracing The Genealogy of George Washington & The Lost Tribes Dr. Gene Scott Audio 
7/29/01 Evolution: "Darwin's Black Box" - Dr. Scott reads from Intelligent Design Audio 
Christianity is War.  It takes the same kind of commitment to win it! plus Dr. Gene Scott's further comments on the War in IraqAudio 
Training to Christians on how to minister to Muslims listen (thespiritofislam.com)
The Do's and Don'ts of Witnessing to the Cults by Walter Martin (audio) 
Don'ts of Witnessing to the Cults - Part 2 by Walter Martin (audio)
The Christian Witness to the Muslim by John Gilchrist
The Maze of Mormonism by Walter Martin (audio)
The Maze of Mormonism - Side 2 by Walter Martin (audio) 
Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus Christ and the Trinity by Walter Martin (audio)
Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus Christ and the Trinity - Part 2 by Walter Martin (audio)
Atheist loses bid to halt Bush's faith references  Newdow, 49, complained that permitting any prayer at a presidential inauguration violated the First Amendment's establishment clause. (sacbee.com) read 
BLEEPING JESUS   Strangeness is nothing new at ABC.. Bare behinds are okay, foul language of all types is tolerated, but let a talk show host say, "Thank you, Jesus," and its time for the censors to step in! (fairpress.org)  read...
March 1, 2003 - Grant Jeffrey analyzes current developments around the world and discusses some of their prophetic implications.  He pays particular attention to Iraq’s involvement in terrorist activity against the United States since 1991 (audio olivetreeviews.org) Part 1, Part 2
February 8, 2003 - Hal Lindsey discusses the possibility of oil being discovered in Israel as well as other biblical prophecies with Jan Markell (olivetreeviews.org) Listen
The Holy Gospel Study Edition - Good News Translation for Muslim Outreach (VoB's does not sell this book, I just thought it was a nice familiar looking bible for Muslims)
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Cult Busters - Dr. Robert Morey - http://www.cultbusters.com/
Exposing Cults and Answering to non-Christian Religions - http://www.math.gatech.edu/~jkatz/Religions/


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Comments from the Friends - http://www.ultranet.com/~comments/
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JW outline (very good) - http://www.stormloader.com/shaun/outline.htm
JW quotes - http://quotes.jehovahswitnesses.com/start.htm
JWs NWT - http://www.focusonthefaulty.com/Pages/jehovahs.html
Misleading Revisions in the New World Translation - http://www.caic.org.au/jws/misleadi.htm
New World Translation (NWT) - http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/nwt.htm
NWT - http://www.holyscriptures.com/nwt.htm
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses - http://www.webshowplace.com/question/home.htm
Reasoning with Jehovah's Witnesses, Introduction - http://www.kevinquick.com/kkministries/books/reasoning/index.html
WATCH the TOWER-Official Web Site of Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses - http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2919/main2.html
Watchtower Observer - http://watchtower.observer.org/  


Berean Christian Ministries-Mormon Studies - http://www.frontiernet.net/~bcmmin/
Index to this Mormonism site - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/index.html
Is Mormonism Christian - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/mormonism.html
La Roy Sunderland's Mormonism Exposed. - http://www.mun.ca/rels/restmov/texts/acampbell/tme/TME10.HTM
Mormon Terminology - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/definitions.html
Mormonism Research Ministry Home Page - http://www.mrm.org/
Mormonism - http://www.ceftw.org/mormonism/mormons.htm
Mormons In Transition - http://www.irr.org/mit/
Open Letter To All Mormons - http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/SpiritSt/billdonahue/Mormon_Ltr.html
Other Problems With Mormonism - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/other-problems.html
Philosophical problems - Mormon answer - http://members.home.net/ewatson/beckwith.htm
philosophical problems with mormon gods - http://apologetics.hypermart.net/filedatabase/philo-problems-mormon-God.html
Philosophical problems with the Mormon gods - http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/cri/cri-jrnl/web/crj0100a.html
REASON The Mormon Puzzle - http://www.xmission.com/~country/reason/reason.htm
Table Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/jesus-table.html
Table Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Salvation - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/salvation-table.html
Table of Mormon and Biblical Teachings about Man - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/man-table.html
Table of Mormon Teaching about God - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/god-table.html
Thomas Campbell's Letter to Sidney Rigdon (1831) - http://www.mun.ca/rels/restmov/texts/tcampbell/etc/LSR-MU.HTM
Utah Lighthouse Ministry - http://www.utlm.org/
Vernal Holley Book of Mormon Authorship 2nd. ed. Contents - http://sidneyrigdon.com/vern/vernP0.htm
What Mormons Say About the Bible - http://www.leaderu.com/offices/michaeldavis/docs/mormonism/bible.html


Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science) - http://www-personal.si.umich.edu/~rlm/xsci.html
Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology - http://www.xenu.net/


20th Century Tongues Faith or Fake - http://www.bible.ca/tongues.htm
5 Point Calvinism Refuted MAIN HOMEPAGE - http://www.bible.ca/calvinism.htm
Different Gospels - The Word of Faith Movement - http://www.gospeloutreach.net/wordfaith.html
Heresies Of The Word-Faith Movement - http://home.computer.net/~cya/cy00052.html
Interactive Bible Home Page www.bible.ca - http://www.bible.ca/
The Interactive Bible False Doctrine Home page - http://www.bible.ca/false.htm


Apologetics Index Seventh Day Adventists - http://www.gospelcom.net/apologeticsindex/s18.html
Facts Adventists Won¹t Tell - http://www.macgregorministries.org/seventh_day_adventists/sda_facts.html
Profile - http://www.watchman.org/sdapro.htm
Sabbath Keepers Refuted website homepage - http://www.bible.ca/7-main.htm
Seventh-day Adventism - What You Should Know - http://www.sdaoutreach.org/
What Seventh-day Adventists NEED to Know - http://members.tripod.com/~Help_for_SDAs/index.html

Eastern Religions

A WorldView Test-Site - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/8830/index.html
AN INTRODUCTION TO PANTHEISM - http://www.wku.edu/%7Egarreje/panthesm.htm
Answering Hinduism - http:// //answering-hinduism.org/
Atheism in Hinduism - http://www.ee.mtu.edu/faculty/jeffc/students/sskaramp/second/atheism.html
Hinduism articles - http://www.leaderu.com/cgi-bin/AT-HTMLsearch.cgi
INDIAWORLD India on the Internet - http://www.indiaworld.co.in/
Nine Questions About Hinduism - http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/Veda/nine-questions.html
RELIGION - THE EASTERN RELIGIONS DIRECTORY - http://www.highstreetcentral.com/religion.htm
Religion Eastern - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2104/gita.html
The divine incarnation in Hinduism and Christianity - http://www.comparativereligion.com/avatars.html


American Atheists -- Islam - http://www.atheists.org/Islam/
Answering Islam - http://www.answering-islam.org/
Cult Busters - Islam - http://www.cultbusters.com/
Gospel of Barnabas - http://answering-islam.org.uk/Green/barnabas.htm
Islam The Way, The Truth and The Light - http://www.rim.org/muslim/islam.htm
ISLAM - http://www.cultbusters.com/islam.html
Light of Life Publishing - http://www.light-of-life.com/
Pagan origins of Christianity - http://www.answering-islam.org/Pagan/index.html
The Collection of the Qur'an - http://answering-islam.org/nehls/ask/collect.html
The Gospel of Barnabas - http://answering-islam.org.uk/Barnabas/saleeb.html
The Influence of Animism on Islam [Table of Contents] - http://answering-islam.org/books/zwemer/animism/index.html
THEQURAN.COM HOME PAGE - http://www.thekoran.com/
What do we know about the 'Gospel of Barnabas' - http://answering-islam.org.uk/Barnabas/

Women in Islam

The Position of Women in Islam 1-9 - http://www.light-of-life.com/eng/reveal/r5405et1.htm


Jews for Jesus - http://www.jews-for-jesus.org/


Rastafarianism An Overview - http://home.computer.net/~cya/cy00081.html
Rastafarianism - http://www.swagga.com/rasta.htm
Rastafarianism2 - http://www.cthonia.com/atrium/relig_isms/rastafarianism.html
The Origins of Rastafari - http://www.bobmarley.com/life/rastafari/origins.html


37.com - 37 Search Engines! - http://37.com/
AltaVista Main Page - http://www.altavista.com/
Best Meta Search Engines - Direct Query from One Page - http://kresch.com/search/searchme.htm
Crosswalk.com - Christian search, Email, News, Music, Chat & more. - http://www.crosswalk.com/
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Christian Apologetics Audio
Presuppositional Apologetics
Morton Smith Click Here to listen online.

Philosophy and Apologetics (12 Lectures)
Cornelius Van Til
Part 1-The New Evangelicalism, Part 2-Greek Philosophy #1, Part 3-Greek Philosophy #2, Part 4-Church Fathers #1, Part 5-Church Fathers #2, Part 6-St. Augustine, Part 7-The Middle Ages, Part 8-Modern Philosophy Before Kant, Part 9-Immanual Kant, Part 10-Modern Philosophy After Kant, Part 11-Karl Barth #1, Part 12-Karl Barth #2.

Evangelism and Apologetics Conference
Michael Butler
Session 1 - Introduction to Apologetics; Session 2 - War of the Worldviews; Session 3 - The Certainty of God's Existence; Session 4 - Presuppositionalism in Paul's Address to the Athenians Acts 17; Session 5 - Presuppositionalism and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Apologetics Class (5 Lectures)
C. Gregg Singer
Part 1-Classic and Medieval Thought #1, Part 2-Classic and Medieval Thought #2, Part 3-Classic and Medieval Thought #3, Part 4-The Renaissance and the Reformation, Part 5-Irrationalism and Theistic Rationalism #1, Part 6-Irrationalism and Theistic Rationalism #2, Part 7-Irrationalism and Theistic Rationalism #3, Part 8-The Enlightenment in Western Thought #1, Part 9-The Enlightenment in Western Thought #2, Part 10-Kant and German Idealism #1, Part 11-Kant and German Idealism #2, Part 12-Impact of Darwin and Social Darwinism #1, Part 13-Impact of Darwin and Social Darwinism #2, Part 16-Transitional Thinkers #1, Part 17-Transitional Thinkers #2, Part 18-Transitional Thinkers #3, Part 24-The Recovery of Christian Theism.

Apologetics Class (5 Lectures)
Francis Nigel Lee
Part 1-The Knowledge of God, Part 2-Point of Contact, Part 3-Authority of Reason, Part 4-The Defense of Christianity, Part 5-Method in Apologetics.

Christian Apologetics (Class - 13 lessson).
Dr. Ron Nash. Click Here to listen online.

Introduction to Apologetics (16 Lectures - MP3). Click here for specfic titles for each class.
John Robbins.
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, Class 13, Class 14, Class 15, Class 16.

Defending the Faith (6 Lectures - MP3). Click here for specfic titles for each class.
John Robbins.
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6.

Lecture on Apologetic (16 Lectures - MP3). Click here for specfic titles for each class.
Gordon H. Clark.
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, Class 13, Class 14, Class 15, Class 16.

2005 Defending the Faith Conference
Phil Fernandes, J.P. Moreland
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Introduction to Apologetics
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2.

Introduction to Apologetics
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12.

Advanced Apologetics (30 Lectures)
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 25, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30.

Historical Apologetics
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28.

Defending the Faith
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Philosophical Apologetics (30 Lectures)
Phil Fernandes
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30.

Does God Really Exist?
Kenneth Boa Part 1a, Part 1b and Part 2.

Apologetics Training
Peter Saunders Click Here to listen online.

The Ethics of Apologetics
David Cook Click Here to listen online.

The Evidence for Christianity
William Lane Craig Click Here to listen online.

Pitfalls of Apologetics
William Reitkerk Click Here to listen online.

Advice to Christian Apologists
William Lane Craig Click Here to listen online.

What is Apologetics and Why is it Important?
Greg Pritchard Click Here to listen online.

Against Materialism
Alvin Plantinga Click Here to listen (MP3) online.

Christian Apologetics in the 21st Century
Ravi Zacharias Click Here to listen (MP3) online.

Not Ashamed: The Power of the Gospel - 1999 Pensacola Theological Institute
Ron Nash, Norman Geisler, Harry Reeder and Darrell Tricket. Click Here to listen (Real Audio) online.

Apologetics Series
Dan Dodds Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Benign and Malign Atheists
Robert Morey Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Implications for Human Knowledge (dicussion of Van Til's apologetic)
Lane Tipton. Click Here (Real Audio) to listen online.

Biblical Theology & Apologetics
Lane Tipton. Click Here to listen online.

Common Objections to Christianity
Ray Comfort Click Here to listen online.

What Is Apologetics and How Can It Help My Witnessing?
Dr. Beougher. Click Here to listen online.

The Absurdity of Life Without God
William Lane Craig. Click Here to listen online.

Love Your God With All Your Mind
Dr. J.P. Moreland. Click Here to listen online.

Why I Believe in God
Cornelius Van Til Click Here to listen online (MP3)

What is a Transcendental Argument
David Byron Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Shandon Guthrie on the Infidel's Guys radio program
Shandon Guthrie Click Here to listen online (MP3)

What is More Rational: Theism or Atheism
Shandon Guthrie and Doug Krueger on the Infidel's Guys radio program Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Why Atheism Cannot Avert the Burden of Proof
Shandon Guthrie Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Rationality of Christian Belief
Alvin Plantinga Click Here to listen online (MP3)

Apologetics & the Total Depravity of Man
James White. Click Here to listen online.
This is the January 9, 1999 radio program of the Dividing Line radio program.

The Necessity of Apologetics in Our World
Dr. James White. Click Here to listen online.
This is the October 17, 1999 program of the Dividing Line radio program.

Does The Christian God Exist? (Windows Media)
Paul Manata Vs Derek Sansone Click Here to listen online.

The Great Debate: Does God Exist?
Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein
"This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at the university of California (Irvine) in 1985. Hear how hard it is to deny God's existence and how intellectually rigorous the Christian position actually is." This debate can be heard over the internet by Clicking Here. If you would like to order the tapes (2), Covenant Media Foundation is offering them at $15. Click Here for futher information on ordering.

Does God Exists (MP3)
Phil Fernandes vs Dan Barker Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Does God Exists (MP3)
Phil Fernandes vs Jeffrey Lowder Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Does God Exists (MP3)
Phil Fernandes vs Peter John Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Did The Resurrection Really Happen? (MP3)
William Lane Craig vs Brian Edwards Click Here to listen online.

Does God Exists (MP3)
William Lane Craig vs Brian Edwards Click Here to listen online.

Debate with Atheist
Gene Cook, Jr. vs Reggie Finley Click Here to listen online.

Debate with Agnostic
Gene Cook, Jr. vs Derek Sansone Click Here to listen online.

Atheism vs Christianity
Matt Slick vs Reggie Finley Click Here to listen online.

Atheism vs Christianity
Jason Gastrich vs Doug Krueger Click Here to listen online.

Atheism vs Christianity Round 2
Jason Gastrich vs Doug Krueger Click Here to listen online.

Atheism vs Christianity
Jason Gastrich vs Reggie Finley Click Here to listen online.

Does God Exist?
Jason Gastrich vs Eddie Tabash Click Here to listen online.

Is Christianity Tenable?
Eric Lounsber vs Dan Barker Click Here to listen online.

Theist vs Atheist
Jason Gastrich vs Dan Barker Click Here to listen online.

Debate with Atheist
Matt Slick. Click Here to listen online.

Does God Exist?
Ray Comfort Vs. Ron Barrier Click Here to listen online.

Craig-Atkins Debate: What is the Evidence For/Against the Existence of God?
Dr. William L. Craig and Dr. Peter W. Atkins debated the above proposition April 3, 1998 at The Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This debate can be heard over the internet by Clicking Here. You have the option of watching the video or listening to the audio of the debate. The tapes (audio & video) can be purchased. To order the video version of the debate Click Here. To order the audio version Click Here.


Audio & Video Tapes for Purchase

Apologetics Then and Now (12 Tapes $53)
Ravi Zacharias, Stuart McAllister and Alister McGrath. To purchase (2 DVD's) Click Here.

Defense of the Faith: A Course in Worldview Apologetics (12 Tapes $53)
Brian Godawa. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Understanding Apologetics (16 CD set $48)
John Frame. To purchase CDs Click Here.

History and Nature of Apologetics ($18)
Cornelius Van Til. To purchase CDs Click Here.

The Biblical Basis of Van Til's Thought ($9)
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. To purchase CDs Click Here.

Introduction to Apologetics (31 Tapes $134)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Defending the Faith: Mid-Level Course in Apologetics (18 Tapes $82)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

A Seminary-Level Course in Apologetics (30 Tapes $130)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

College Preparation in Apologetics (7 Tapes $32)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Loving God With All Your Mind (6 Tapes $28)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

The Bahnsen/Sproul Debate Over Apologetical Method (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen Vs. R.C. Sproul. To purchase tapes Click Here.

A Reason for the Hope (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Peter's Apologetic (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Practical Apologetics: An Apologetics How-to-manual (5 Tapes $24)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Reasoning With Unbelievers (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Short Synopsis of Van Til (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Answer to Frame's Critique of Van Til (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Apologetics in the Workplace (3 Tapes $10)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Apologetics Seminar: Bahsen on Van Til (11 Tapes $49)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Cornelius Van Til's Presuppositional Apologetic (9 Tapes $41)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Van Til & the Copernican Revolution in Apologetics (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Van Til Seminar: An In-Depth Analysis of His Apologetic (10 Tapes $45)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Introduction to the Apologetic Method of Van Til (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Michael Martin Under the Microscope (12 Tapes $53)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

What Your Professors Won't Tell You (2 Tapes $12)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

What? Me Defend the Faith? (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Worldview Apologetics (2 Tapes $12)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Taking it to the Streets: Defending the Faith (8 Tapes $36)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

The Aim of Apologetics (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

The Apologetic Implications of Self-Deception (2 Tapes $12)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

The Dependable, Defendable Faith (4 Tapes $20)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

The Place of Evidence in Apologetics (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Theistic Proof, Rationality and Fideism (3 Tapes $15)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Commeration Cornelius Van Til: One Hundred Years of Uncompromising Apologetics (10 Tapes $45)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Transcendental Arguments (10 Tapes $45)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Arguments for the Existence of God (2 Tapes $12)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

At War with the Word (2 Tapes $12)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Challenge to Unbelief (5 Tapes $24)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Faith, Facts and False Worldviews (7 Tapes $32)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Getting Down and Dirty: Defeating Six Challenges to the Gospel (7 Tapes $32)
Greg Bahnsen. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Apologetics (3 Tapes $15)
Doug Wilson. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Pacific Northwest Apologetics Conference (7 Tapes $32)
Michael Butler and Jeff Ventrella. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Why I Am Not An Atheist (1 Tape $5)
Ravi Zacharias. To purchase tape Click Here.

Can Man Live Without God? Tape # 4-1201-A (1 Tape $5)
Don Matzat Interviews Ravi Zacharias. To purchase tape Click Here.

Being a Christian in a Non-Christian World Tape # 5-1112-B (1 Tape $5)
Don Matzat with Doug Groothuis. To purchase tape Click Here.

Answering the Problem of Evil (3 Tapes $16.95)
Gregory Koukl and William Lane Craig. To purchase tapes Click Here.

Any Old God Won't Do (1 Tape & Study Notes $7.95)
Gregory Koukl. To purchase tape Click Here.

Debate Over God's Existence (2 Tapes $12)
Butler Vs. Goldstick. To purchase tape Click Here.

Does God Exist? (2 Tapes $12)
Michael Butler Vs. Dan Barker. To purchase tape Click Here.

Does The Triune God Live?: A Debate (3 Tapes $15)
Doug Wilson Vs. Dan Barker. To purchase tape Click Here.

Does God Exist? A Debate
Greg Bahnsen and Edward Tabash
"This formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist lawyer former ACLU) Edward Tabash at the University of California (Davis), is a great follow-up to the Bahnsen/Stein debate. Witness again how an atheist fails to wrestle with fundamental philosophical issues." To order the tapes (2) at $15 Click Here.

Walter Martin debates Hugh Schonfield
Schonfield is the author of the Passover Plot. This debate took place on the Long John Nebel Show (2 Tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

Walter Martin's debates Madalyn Murray O'Hair
on the Long John Nebel Show (2 tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

Walter Martin defends the Faith on NBC Radio.
Long John Nebel Show: Partrice and Pomeroy (3 tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

Walter Martin debates a panel of unbelievers.
Long John Nebel Show: Partrice, Rob, and Schrock (3 tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

Walter Martin debates a mixture of unbelievers.
Long John Nebel Show: Sidney, Gray, and Shef (2 tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

John Warwick Montgomery debates Madalyn Murray O'Hair (Great Chicago Air Show(down)
In 1967 John Warwick Montgomery and Madalyn Murray O'Hare appeared as co-guests on a Chicago radio show. This is a live recording of their riotous and tempestuous clash. Madalyn Murray O'Hare is the founder of American Atheists Inc., and an active lobbyist for removing prayers and Bible readings from public schools (2 tapes). To order tapes Click Here.

John Warwick Montgomery debates Mark Plummer (The Great Australia Atheism Debate)
On February 14, 1986 in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Montgomery debated Mark Plummer, president of the Atheists and Skeptics Society of Australia. An overflow audience attended and the debate received full-page coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia's equivalent of the New York Times.) Hear Dr. Montgomery defend historic Christianity in this live, unedited recording (2 Tapes). To order tapes Click Here.


Radio Shows

To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

Stand to Reason
Host: Gregory Koukl. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

The Dividing Line
Host: James White. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

The Albert Mohler Program
Host: R. Albert Mohler. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

Changing Worldviews
Host: Sharon Hughes. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

Understanding the Times
Host: Jan Markell. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

Let My People Think
Host: Ravi Zacharias. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

Living By the Word
Hosts: Craig Hawkins, Angel Arellano, Pastor Charlton Davis and Brian Allen. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

The Bible Answer Man
Host: Hank Hanegraaff. To listen to archieved broadcasts Click Here.

The John Ankerberg Show
Host: John Ankerberg. To listen to current broadcast of this show Click Here.
To watch current broadcast of this show Click Here.
Chuck Missler -Christian Audio From Firefighters.org  
Genesis #01 Ch. 1:1 Intro. - Universal Beginnings
  Genesis #02 Ch. 1:2 Creation or Re-Creation
  Genesis #03 Ch. 1:3-19 Let Light Be
  Genesis #04 Ch. 1:19-2:3 Life After It's Own Kind
  Genesis #05 Ch. 2:4-3:6
  Genesis #06 Ch. 3
  Genesis #07 Ch. 4-5
  Genesis #08 Ch. 6:1-14
  Genesis #09 Ch. 6:15-9:19 Noah's Ark - A New Beginning
  Genesis #10 Ch. 9:20-11
  Genesis #11 Ch. Mazzaroth - Testimony of the Stars
  Genesis #12 Ch. 12-13 The Call of Abraham
  Genesis #13 Ch. 14-15 Contrast of Abraham and Lot
  Genesis #14 Ch. 16-18 Test of Abraham
  Genesis #15 Ch. 19-21 Sodom an Gomorrah
  Genesis #16 Ch. 22 & 24 Resurrection of Isaac
  Genesis #17 Ch. 23-26 A Prophecy to Recekah
  Genesis #18 Ch. 27-29 God's Principle of Retribution
  Genesis #19 Ch. 29:31 - Ch. 31:14 The Sons of Israel
  Genesis #20 Ch. 31-34 Wrestling to the End of Self
  Genesis #21 Ch. 35-37 Joseph, The Dreamer
  Genesis #22 Ch. 37-39 Joseph, The Faithful Servant
  Genesis #23 Ch. 40-41 Joseph Glorified
  Genesis #24 Ch. 42-45 The Revelation of Joseph
  Genesis #25 Ch. 46-48 & 50 Jacob's & Joseph's Faith
  Genesis #26 Ch. 49 Israel's Prophecy
  Exodus #01 Ch. 1-2 Typology In Exodus
  Exodus #02 Ch. 3-7:5 The Burning Bush
  Exodus #03 Ch. 7-10 The Covenant Renewed
  Exodus #04 Ch. 11-12 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #05 Ch. 13-15 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #06 Ch. 16-17:7 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #07 Ch. 17:8 - Ch. 18 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #08 Ch. 19-20:17 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #09 Ch. 20:18 - Ch. 23 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #10 Ch. 24-25 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #11 Ch. 26 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #12 Ch. 27-28 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #13 Ch. 29-30:21 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #14 Ch. 30:22-31 & Ch. 35-40 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #15 Ch. 32-33 Book of Exodus
  Exodus #16 Ch. 34 Book of Exodus
  Numbers #01 Ch. 1-2 The Camp of Israel
  Numbers #02 Ch. 3-5 Servants of The Tabernacle
  Numbers #03 Ch. 6-10 Following Day By Day
  Numbers #04 Ch. 12-14 Grumbling Can Be a Sin
  Numbers #05 Ch. 15-17 Korah's Rebellion
  Numbers #06 Ch.18-21 Red Heifer Atonement
  Numbers #07 Ch. 22-25 Balaam-Destroyer of People
  Numbers #08 Ch. 26-30 The Second Census
  Numbers #09 Ch. 31-36 The Conclusion
  Deuteronomy #01 Introduction
  Deuteronomy #02 The Fifth Book of Moses
  Deuteronomy #03 Ch. 5-7 Essence of The Law
  Deuteronomy #04 Ch. 8-10 Prosperity, To Compliance, To Arrogance
  Deuteronomy #05 Ch. 11-15 Secret To Good Health
  Deuteronomy #06 Ch. 16-20 Old Testament Gospel of Love
  Deuteronomy #07 Ch. 21-26 Collection of Domestic Regulations
  Deuteronomy #08 Ch. 27-30 The Blessings & The Curses
  Deuteronomy #09 Ch. 31-32 Moses Last Counsel
  Deuteronomy #10 Ch. 33-34
  Joshua #01 Ch. 1 - Introduction
  Joshua #02 Ch. 2,3,4 & 5
  Joshua #03 Ch. 6
  Joshua #04 Ch. 7 & 8
  Joshua #05 Ch. 9 & Intro. To 10
  Joshua #06 Ch. 10
  Joshua #07 Ch. 10:28-12
  Joshua #08 Ch. 13-19
  Joshua #09 Ch. 20,21,22,23 & 24
  Ruth #1 Ch. 1-2
  Ruth #2 Ch. 3-4
  Samuel, I #01 Ch. 1-6 Hanna's Song
  Samuel, I #02 Ch. 7-13 The Rise of Saul
  Samuel, I #03 Ch. 15-18
  Samuel, I #04 Ch. 19-24 David On The Run
  Samuel, I #05 Ch. 25-31 Abigail's Catering Service
  Samuel, II #01 Ch. 1-7 Jerusalem Become Capital
  Samuel, II #02 Ch. 8-12 David's Kingdom
  Samuel, II #03 Ch. 13-17 The Life & Times of Absalom
  Samuel, II #04 Ch. 18-23:7 How To Get Ahead In Irsael
  Samuel, II #05 Ch. 23:7-24 Three Days Pestilence
  Esther #1 Ch. 1-2
  Esther #2 Ch. 3-4
  Esther #3 Ch. 5-7
  Esther #4 Ch. 8-10
  Esther #5 Macrocodes in Esther Part 1
  Esther #6 Macrocodes in Esther Part 2
  Job #01 Ch. 1-2 The Assult of Satan
  Job #02 Ch. 3-25 Jod's Friends
  Job #03 Ch. 26-37 Job Hangs Up The Phone
  Job #04 Ch. 38-42 The Lord Speaks
  Job #05 Ch.42 Conclusion and Wrap Up
  Song of Solomon #1 Ch. 1:1-2
  Song of Solomon #2 Ch. 1:3-17
  Song of Solomon #3 Ch. 2
  Song of Solomon #4 Ch. 3-4
  Song of Solomon #5 Ch. 5
  Song of Solomon #6 Ch. 6
  Song of Solomon #7 Ch. 7-8
  Song of Solomon #8 Conclusion
  Isaiah #01 Introduction
  Isaiah #02 Ch. 1
  Isaiah #03 Ch. 2
  Isaiah #04 Ch. 3
  Isaiah #05 Ch. 4
  Isaiah #06 Ch. 5
  Isaiah #07 Ch. 6
  Isaiah #08 Ch. 7
  Isaiah #09 Ch. 8-9
  Isaiah #10 Ch. 10
  Isaiah #11 Ch. 11
  Isaiah #12 Ch. 12
  Isaiah #13 Ch. 13
  Isaiah #14 Ch. 14:1-11
  Isaiah #15 Ch. 14:12-17
  Isaiah #16 Ch. 14:18-32
  Isaiah #17 Ch. 15-19
  Isaiah #18 Ch. 19:19-20
  Isaiah #19 Ch. 19:19-20; Jer. 32:18-20 - Monuments from Prehistory
  Isaiah #20 Ch. 20-23
  Isaiah #21 Ch. 24
  Isaiah #22 Ch. 25
  Isaiah #23 Ch. 26-27
  Isaiah #24 Ch. 28-30
  Isaiah #25 Ch. 31-35
  Isaiah #26 Ch. 36-39
  Isaiah #27 Ch. 40-43
  Isaiah #28 Ch. 44-45
  Isaiah #29 Ch. 46-49
  Isaiah #30 Ch. 50-52
  Isaiah #31 Ch. 53
  Isaiah #32 Ch. 54-59
  Isaiah #33 Ch. 60-62
  Isaiah #34 Ch. 63-66
  Jeremiah #01 Ch. 1 Introduction
  Jeremiah #02 Ch. 2-5 Prediction of The Missing Ark
  Jeremiah #03 Ch. 6-8 The Temple Discourses
  Jeremiah #04 Ch. 9-10 Jeremiah's Oxymoronic Phrase
  Jeremiah #05 Ch. 11-14 Why Do The Wicked Prosper?
  Jeremiah #06 Ch. 15-18 The Non-Reversible Judgement
  Jeremiah #07 Ch. 19-21 Zedekiah's Prophetic Future
  Jeremiah #08 Ch. 22-23
  Jeremiah #09 Ch. 24-25
  Jeremiah #10 Ch. 26-29 Symbol of The Yokes
  Jeremiah #11 Ch. 30-31 The Time of Jacobs Trouble
  Jeremiah #12 Ch. 31:31-40 Old & New Covenant
  Jeremiah #13 Ch. 32-33:3 Book of Consolation
  Jeremiah #14 Ch. 33-36 Fall of Jerusalem
  Jeremiah #15 Ch. 37-39 'Zedekiah' A Weak & Foolish King
  Jeremiah #16 Ch. 40-44 The Bad Girls of Judah
  Jeremiah #17 Ch. 45-49 The Battle of Carchemish
  Jeremiah #18 Ch. 50-51 What Goes Around, Comes Around
  Jeremiah #19 Ch. 52 Conclusion of Jeremiah
  Ezekiel #01 Ch. 1-2
  Ezekiel #02 Ch. 3
  Ezekiel #03 Ch. 4-5
  Ezekiel #04 Ch. 6-8
  Ezekiel #05 Ch. 9-11
  Ezekiel #06 Ch. 12
  Ezekiel #07 Ch. 13-14
  Ezekiel #08 Ch. 15-16
  Ezekiel #09 Ch. 17-19
  Ezekiel #10 Ch. 20:1-29
  Ezekiel #11 Ch. 20:30 - Ch. 21
  Ezekiel #12 Ch. 22-23
  Ezekiel #13 Ch. 24-25
  Ezekiel #14 Ch. 26-28
  Ezekiel #15 Ch. 29-30
  Ezekiel #16 Ch. 31-32
  Ezekiel #17 Ch. 33-36:25
  Ezekiel #18 Ch. 36:26 - Ch. 37
  Ezekiel #19 Ch. 38-39
  Ezekiel #20 Ch. 40:1-3
  Ezekiel #21 Ch. 40:4 - Ch. 42
  Ezekiel #22 Ch. 43-46
  Ezekiel #23 Ch. 47
  Ezekiel #24 Ch. 48
  Daniel #01 Introduction
  Daniel #02 Ch. 1
  Daniel #03 Ch. 2
  Daniel #04 Ch. 3
  Daniel #05 Ch. 4
  Daniel #06 Ch. 5
  Daniel #07 Mystery Babylon
  Daniel #08 Ch. 6
  Daniel #09 The Magi
  Daniel #10 Ch. 7
  Daniel #11 European Update
  Daniel #12 Ch. 8
  Daniel #13 Ch. 9: 69 Weeks
  Daniel #14 Ch. 9: 70th Week
  Daniel #15 Ch. 10
  Daniel #16 Ch. 11
  Daniel #17 Ch. 12
  Hosea #1 Ch. 1 Introduction
  Hosea #2 Ch. 2-3 Seven Blessings of Israel
  Hosea #3 Ch. 4-5 Israel's Willful Ignorance
  Hosea #4 Ch. 6 A Cake Not Turned
  Hosea #5 Ch. 7-8 Jesus Christ On Every Page
  Hosea #6 Ch. 9-10 Hosea
  Hosea #7 Ch. 11-12 Hosea
  Hosea #8 Ch. 13-14 Hosea
  Joel #01 Intro. and Ch. 1
  Joel #02 Ch. 2
  Joel #03 Ch. 3
  Amos #01 Ch. 1-3 Judgement on Sin
  Amos #02 Ch. 4-6 Cow of Bashan
  Amos #03 Ch. 7-9 The Final Restoration
  Jonah #01 Ch.1-2 The Sign of The Prophet Jonah
  Jonah #02 Ch. 3-4 Jaws O
  Micah #01 Ch. 1-3
  Micah #02 Ch. 4-5
  Micah #03 Ch. 6-7 Description of Grace
  Habakkuk #01
  Habakkuk #02
  Zechariah #01 Ch. 1 & Introduction
  Zechariah #02 Ch. 2
  Zechariah #03 Ch. 3
  Zechariah #04 Ch. 4 The Light of The World
  Zechariah #05 Ch. 5 The Flying Scroll & Ephah
  Zechariah #06 Ch. 6 Consummation of The Scriptures
  Zechariah #07 Ch. 7-8 Rituals VS. Reality & Relationship
  Zechariah #08 Ch. 9 Behold, Thy King Cometh Unto Thee
  Zechariah #09 Ch. 10 Israel's Rejection, Repentance, & Redemption
  Zechariah #10 Ch. 11 Shepherds, Staves, & Silver
  Zechariah #11 Ch. 12 The Future Deliverance of Israel
  Zechariah #12 Ch. 13 The Conversion of Israel
  Zechariah #13 Ch. 14 Israel's Millennial Promise
  Malachi Study #1
  Malachi Study #2
  Malachi Study #3
  Malachi Study #4
  Malachi Study #5
  Matthew #01 Ch. 1-2:12 Presentation of a King
  Matthew #02 Ch. 2:13 - Ch. 3 The Magi
  Matthew #03 Ch. 3 Expostion Of John The Baptist
  Matthew #04 Ch. 4 The Temptations Of Jesus
  Matthew #05 Ch. 5 Sermon On The Mount Part 1
  Matthew #06 Ch. 6 Sermon On The Mount Part 2
  Matthew #07 Ch. 7 Sermon ON The Mount Part 3
  Matthew #08 Ch. 9 A Lesson In Miracles
  Matthew #09 Ch. 10 & 11 Not Peace, But A Sword
  Matthew #10 The Revealer of Secrets Is Rejected
  Matthew #11 The Seven Kingdom Parables
  Matthew #12 Five Thousand Fed
  Matthew #13 Ch. 15-16 Four Thousand Fed
  Matthew #14 Ch. 17 The Transfiguration
  Matthew #15 Ch. 18, 19 Discipline And Forgiveness
  Matthew #16 Ch. 20-21:11 The Last Shall Be First
  Matthew #17 Ch. 21:12-23 Purpose Of History
  Matthew #18 Ch. 24:1-22 A Private Briefing
  Matthew #19 Ch. 24: 22-51 Parable Of The Fig Tree
  Matthew #20 Ch. 25-26:30 Virgins, Talents & Nations
  Matthew #21 Blood, Sweat, & Tears
  Matthew #22 Ch. 28 A Testimony Of A Centurion
  John #01 Ch. 1
  John #02 Ch. 2
  John #03 Ch. 3
  John #04 Ch. 4
  John #05 Ch. 5
  John #06 Ch. 6
  John #07 Ch. 7
  John #08 Ch. 8
  John #09 Ch. 9
  John #10 Ch. 10
  John #11 Ch. 11
  John #12 Ch. 12
  John #13 Ch. 13
  John #14 Ch. 14
  John #15 Ch. 15
  John #16 Ch. 16
  John #17 Ch. 17:1-14
  John #18 Ch. 17:15-26
  John #19 Ch. 18
  John #20 Ch. 19
  John #21 Ch. 20
  John #22 Ch. 21
  Acts #01 Ch. 1 A Treatise for Paul's Defense
  Acts #02 Ch. 2 The Upper Room Connection
  Acts #03 Ch. 3 Peter's Second Sermon
  Acts #04 Ch. 4-6 The First Perescution
  Acts #05 Ch. 7 Stephen's Mission Impossible
  Acts #06 Ch. 8-9 The Ethopian Treasurer
  Acts #07 Ch. 10-12 Peter's Sermon To Cornelius
  Acts #08 Ch. 13-14 The Church At Antioch
  Acts #09 Ch. 15 The First Apostles Council
  Acts #10 Ch. 16-17:5 The First European Convert
  Acts #11 Ch. 17-18 Paul at Athens
  Acts #12 Ch. 19-20
  Acts #13 Ch. 21-24
  Acts #14 Ch. 25-28
  Romans #01 Ch. 1:1-15 Gospel According to Paul
  Romans #02 Ch. 1:16-32 What Is The Gospel?
  Romans #03 The Knowledge of Sin
  Romans #04
  Romans #05
  Romans #06 Ch. 8 No Condemnation in Christ
  Romans #07 Ch. 9-10 Who Are Israelites?
  Romans #08 Ch. 11 Israel Slumbers
  Romans #09 Ch. 12 & 13 The Practical Application of Love
  Romans #10 Ch. 14-16
  Corinthians, I #01 Ch. 1 The Epistle to the Californians
  Corinthians, I #02 Ch. 2 The Mysteries of God
  Corinthians, I #03 Ch. 3 A Trilogy of Faith
  Corinthians, I #04 Ch. 4 A Spectacle Unto The World
  Corinthians, I #05 Ch. 5 In The World, Not of It
  Corinthians, I #06 Ch. 6 What About Law Suits?
  Corinthians, I #07 Ch.7 Morality and Divorce
  Corinthians, I #08 Ch. 8 Liberty, Conscience & The Law
  Corinthians, I #09 Ch. 9 What is a Apostle?
  Corinthians, I #10 Ch.10 Failure Due To Unbelief
  Corinthians, I #11 Ch. 11 Distinction Between Men & Women
  Corinthians, I #12 Ch. 12 Holy Spirit With, Within, & Upon
  Corinthians, I #13 Ch. 13 Incondtional Love
  Corinthians, I #14 Ch.14 Something To Offend Everyone
  Corinthians, I #15 Ch. 15:1-15:39 The Most Important Chapter
  Corinthians, I #16 Ch. 15:35-16 The Resurrection Chapter
  Corinthians, II #01 Ch. 1 Paul's Severe Letter
  Corinthians, II #02 Ch. 2-3 Contrasting Testaments
  Corinthians, II #03 Ch. 4
  Corinthians, II #04 Ch. 5
  Corinthians, II #05 Ch. 6-7 Personal Call
  Corinthians, II #06 Ch. 8-9
  Corinthians, II #07 Ch. 10-11
  Corinthians, II #08 Ch. 12-13
  Galatians #1 Ch. 1
  Galatians #2 Ch. 2
  Galatians #3 Ch. 3:1-14
  Galatians #4 Ch. 3:15-29
  Galatians #5 Ch. 4:1-11
  Galatians #6 Ch. 4:12-31
  Galatians #7 Ch. 5
  Galatians #8 Ch. 6
  Ephesians #01 Ch. 1:1-5 Introduction
  Ephesians #02 Ch. 1:6-23 Seven Mysteries of God
  Ephesians #03 Ch. 1:15 - Ch. 2:10 Faith, Salvation, Works & Rewards
  Ephesians #04 Ch. 2:11 - Ch. 3:12 The Mystery of The Church
  Ephesians #05 Ch. 3:13 - Ch. 4:30 The Breath, Length, Depth, & Height
  Ephesians #06 Ch. 5 The Church Mystery
  Ephesians #07 Ch. 6 Combat Moblization
  Colossians #01 Ch. 1:1-14 The Laodicean Period
  Colossians #02 Ch. 1:15-2 Christ's Pre-eminence
  Colossians #03 Ch. 2 The Gnostic Error
  Colossians #04 Ch. 3:1-17 A Clothing Dress Code
  Colossians #05 Ch. 3:18-4 A Mystical Model
  Thessalonians, I #1 The Model Church Ch. 1-3
  Thessalonians, I #2 The Rapture Ch. 4-5
  Thessalonians, II Ch. 1-3
  Timothy, I #1 Ch. 1
  Timothy, I #2 Ch. 2
  Timothy, I #3 Ch. 3-4
  Timothy, I #4 Ch. 5-6
  Timothy, II #1 Ch. 1-2
  Timothy, II #2 Ch. 3-4
  Titus #1 Ch. 1
  Titus #2 Ch. 2-3
  Hebrews #01 Introduction & Authorship
  Hebrews #02 Ch. 1-2 Greater Than Angels
  Hebrews #03 Ch. 3 Greater Than Moses
  Hebrews #04 Ch. 3:11 - Ch.4 The Lords Rest
  Hebrews #05 Ch. 5 Priesthood of Melchizedek
  Hebrews #06 Ch. 6 Eternal Salvation Question
  Hebrews #07 Ch. 7-8 New Covenant: A Better Hope
  Hebrews #08 Ch. 9 The Tabernacle Model
  Hebrews #09 Ch. 9-10 Five Types of Offerings
  Hebrews #10 The Hall of Faith
  Hebrews #11 Ch. 11:23- Ch.12 A Great Cloud of Witnesses
  Hebrews #12 Ch. 13 Seven Traits of Brotherly Love
  James #1 Chapter 1:1-12
  James #2 Chapter 1:13-27
  James #3 Chapter 2:1-13
  James #4 Chapter 2:14-26
  James #5 Chapter 3:1-12
  James #6 Chapter 3:13 - Chapter 4
  James #7 Chapter 5
  James #8 Conclusion
  Peter, I #01 Ch. 1 Doctrine of Regeneration
  Peter, I #02 Ch. 2:1- Ch. 3:12 Upon This Rock
  Peter, I #03 Ch. 3:8- Ch. 5 The Doctrine of Election
  Peter, II #01 Ch. 1 The mount Pisgah Hypothsis
  Peter, II #02 Ch. 2:1-8 Remember Sodom & Gomorrah
  Peter, II #03 Ch. 2:9 - Ch.3:4 Balaams Error, Way & Doctrine
  Peter, II #04 Ch.3 God's Sovereinty Over Time
  Jude #1 Ch. 1:1-4 Introduction
  Jude #2 Ch. 1:5 Israel in the Wilderness
  Jude #3 Ch. 1:6 The Angels That Sinned
  Jude #4 Ch. 1:7-8 Sodom and Gomorrah
  Jude #5 Ch. 1:9-10 Michael, Satan and the Body of Moses
  Jude #6 Ch. 1:11-13 Cain, Balaam and Korah
  Jude #7 Ch. 1:14-15 Enoch
  Jude #8 Ch. 1:16-25 Lessons and Conclusions
  Revelation #01 Introduction
  Revelation #02 Ch. 1
  Revelation #03 Ch. 2:1-7
  Revelation #04 Ch. 2:8-17
  Revelation #05 Ch. 2:18-29
  Revelation #06 Ch. 3:1-6
  Revelation #07 Ch. 3:7-22
  Revelation #08 Ch. 4
  Revelation #09 Ch. 5
  Revelation #10 Ch. 6
  Revelation #11 Ch. 7
  Revelation #12 Ch. 8
  Revelation #13 Ch. 9-10
  Revelation #14 Ch. 11
  Revelation #15 Ch. 12
  Revelation #16 Ch. 13
  Revelation #17 Ch. 14
  Revelation #18 Ch. 15
  Revelation #19 Ch. 16
  Revelation #20 Ch. 17
  Revelation #21 Ch. 18
  Revelation #22 Ch. 19
  Revelation #23 Ch. 20
  Revelation #24 Ch. 21
  Revelation #25 Ch. 22
  Revelation #26 Kingdom Parables
  Revelation #27 Temple Update
  Years of Preparation, The
  Confirming Your Calling
  Son of Encouragement
  I Have Been Crucified with Christ #1
  Christ Lives in Me #2
  I Live by Faith in the Son of God #3
  I Live by Faith in the Son of God #4
  I Live by Faith in the Son of God #5
  Who Loved Me and Gave Himself for Me #6
  Conflict Within, The
  In Step with the Holy Spirit
  True Agape Warns
  Work of God in Salvation, The #1 The Father
  Work of God in Salvation, The #2 The Son
  Work of God in Salvation, The #3 The Spirit
  Salvation: To the Praise of His Glory #4
  Pray: Make Time for it #1
  How to Develop a Prayer Life #2
  Powerful Love of God, The
  Knowledge: From the Intellect to the Inner Man
  God's Design for His Church #1
  God's Design for His Church #2
  God's Design for His Church #3
  God's Design for Women
  God's Design for Men
  God's Design for Children
  Strengthen Yourself in the Lord
  Schemes of Satan, The
  Know Your Enemy
  Victorious in the Day of Temptation
  Pray Always
  Fellowship in the Gospel #1
  Fellowship in the Gospel #2
  Fellowship in the Gospel #3
  Die is Gain, To
  Risking Your Life for the Gospel
  Having No Confidence in the Flesh
  Know Him, To
  One Thing I Do #1
  One Thing I Do #2
  Cure to Anxiety, The
  God's Design for His Church #4
  God's Design for His Church #5
  God's Design for His Church #6
  #1 - Phi. Ch. 1:27
  #2 - Phi. Ch. 2:3a
  #3 - Phi. Ch. 2:3b
  #4 - Phi. Ch. 2:3-4
  #5 - Phi. Ch. 2:12
  #6 - Phi. Ch. 2:13
  #7 - Phi Ch. 2:14-16a
 Hoekstra, Bob
  #01 - The New Covenant Part 1 Jer. 31:31-34
  #02 - The New Covenant Part 2 Jer. 31:31-34
  #03 - The Old Covenant of Law Part 1 Deut. 9:9-11
  #04 - The Old Covenant of Law Part 2 Deut. 9:9-11
  #05 - The New Covenant of Grace Part 1 Jer. 31:31-32a
  #06 - The New Covenant of Grace Part 2 Jer. 31:31-32a
  #07 - The Holy Spirit Covenant Part 1 Ezek. 36:27
  #08 - The Holy Spirit Covenant Part 2 Ezek. 36:27
  #09 - The Resurrection Covenant Part 1 Luke 22:14-20
  #10 - The Resurrection Covenant Part 2 Luke 22:14-20
  #11 - A Covenant of Relationship Part 1 1st Cor. 15:22
  #12 - A Covenant of Relationship Part 2 1st Cor. 15:22
  #13 - Characters of New Covenant Life & Service Part 1 2nd Cor.2:12-14a
  #14 - Characters of New Covenant Life & Service Part 2 2nd Cor.2:12-14a
  #15 - Contrasts Between the Old & New Covenant Part 1 2nd Cor. 3:3
  #16 - Contrasts Between the Old & New Covenant Part 2 2nd Cor. 3:3
  #17 - More Characteristics of New Covenant Living Part 1 2nd Cor.4:1
  #18 - More Characteristics of New Covenant Living Part 2 2nd Cor.4:1
  #19 - New Covenant Obedience Part 1 Rom. 6:14
  #20 - New Covenant Obedience Part 2 Rom. 6:14
  #21 - A Covenant of Better Promises Part 1 Heb. 7:1-3
  #22 - A Covenant of Better Promises Part 2 Heb. 7:1-3
  #23 - Various Aspects of New Covenant Grace Part 1 Gen. 15:6
  #24 - Various Aspects of New Covenant Grace Part 2 Gen. 15:6
  #1 - Two Becoming One
  #2 - Family Life
  #3 - Worldly Threats to Family
  #4 - Husbands and Wives
  #5 - Parents and Children
  #6 - The Lord as Home-Builder
  #1 - Man's Promises or God's Promises
  #2 - A God of Promise (Old Testament)
  #3 - A God of Promise (New Testament)
  #4 - Unpopular Promises
  #5 - Children of Promise
  #6 - Exceedingly Great and Precious Promises
  #1 - Nature, Purpose and Function
  #2 - The Head and the Body
  #3 - Gifts and Fruit in Ministry
  #4 - Ministry to the Church
  #5 - Ministry to the World
  #6 - Being Equipped for Ministry
  #1 - Living by God's Sufficiency
  #2 - Characteristics of Living by God's Sufficiency
  #3 - Man's Sufficiency Vs. God's Sufficiency
  #4 - Insufficient Vessels Containing Sufficient Treasure
  #5 - Old Testament Examples of God's Sufficiency
  #6 - Resurrected Living by God's Sufficiency
  #1 - The Law of God
  #2 - The Grace of God
  #3 - Living Daily By The Grace of God
  #4 - The Holy Spirit and the Grace of God
  #5 - Grace for Knowing God
  #6 - The "Much More" Grace of God
  The Highest Priority
  Pressing on to Know the Lord
  #1 - Grace and Sufficiency
  #2 - The Church and how Jesus Builds it
  #3 - Family God's Way
  #4 - Counseling God's Way
  #5 - Contending for the Faith
  #6 - Promise Believers
  #01 - Part 1 - The Lord as Counselor Ps. 32:8
  #01 - Part 2 - The Lord as Counselor Ps. 32:9
  #02 - Counseling and Discipleship Mat. 28:19a
  #03 - Counseling and Sanctification I Thes. 4:3-5
  #04 - God's Word in Counseling Ps. 119:24
  #05 - The Holy Spirit in Counseling Is. 9:6
  #06 - Prayer in Counseling Ps. 119:17-19
  #07 - Church-life in Counseling Col. 3:12-17
  #08 - Who is to do Counseling Rom. 15:14
  #09 - Equipped for Counseling Ministry Eph. 4:11-12
  #10 - Vital Issues for Counseling II Cor. 3:5
  #11 - Vital Issues I Pet. 4:12
  #12 - In Adam or in Christ - Rom. 5:12-14
  #13 - United with Christ Rom. 6:1-4
  #14 - Walking According to the Flesh Rom. 7:14-16
  #15 - Walking According to the Spirit Rom. 8:1-4
  #16 - Who We Are in Christ II Cor. 5:17
  #17 - Renewing of the Mind II Cor. 4:4
  #18 - Spiritual Warfare Eph. 6:11-12
  #19 - Victory in Spiritual Warfare Heb. 2:14-15
  #20 - Forsaking our Wonderful Counselor Jer. 2:13a
  #21 - Turning to Worldly Counsel Jer. 2:13b
  #22 - Part 1 - Counseling Session Guidelines Eph. 4:1
  #22 - Part 2 - Counseling Session Guidelines Eph. 4:1
  #01 - Part 1 - Intro: The Whole Counsel of God No.1
  #02 - Part 2 - Intro: The Whole Counsel of God No.1
  #03 - Part 1 - Intro: The Whole Counsel of God No.2
  #04 - Part 2 - Intro: The Whole Counsel of God No.2
  #05 - Part 1 - Centrality of Christ No.1
  #06 - Part 2 - Centrality of Christ No.1
  #07 - Part 1 - Centrality of Christ No.2
  #08 - Part 2 - Centrality of Christ No.2
  #09 - Part 1 - The Holy Spirit No.1
  #10 - Part 2 - The Holy Spirit No.1
  #11 - Part 1 - The Holy Spirit No.2
  #12 - Part 2 - The Holy Spirit No.2
  #13 - Part 1 - Needing Grace Daily No.1
  #14 - Part 2 - Needing Grace Daily No.1
  #15 - Part 1 - Needing Grace Daily No.2
  #16 - Part 2 - Needing Grace Daily No.2
  #17 - Part 1 - The Divine Model for the Church
  #18 - Part 2 - The Divine Model for the Church
  #19 - Part 1 - The Form of Church Government
  #20 - Part 2 - The Form of Church Government
  #21 - Part 1 - The Position of Eschatology
  #22 - Part 2 - The Position of Eschatology
  #23 - Part 1 - God's Sovereignty & Man's Free Will
  #24 - Part 2 - God's Sovereignty & Man's Free Will
  #25 - Part 1 - The Primacy of Love
  #26 - Part 2 - The Primacy of Love
  #27 - Part 1 - The Style of Ministry
  #28 - Part 2 - The Style of Ministry
  #29 - Part 1 - Ventures in Faith
  #30 - Part 2 - Ventures in Faith
  #1 - Humility and Faith - James 4:6
  #2 - Humility and Faith - Phil. 2:5-8
  #3 - Humility and Faith - Prov. 3:34
  #4 - Humility and Faith - Rev. 21:5
  #5 - Living by Faith - Heb 11:6
  #6 - Living by Faith - Heb 11:30-35
  Church Leadership #1
  Church Leadership #2
 Laurie, Greg
  The Silence Is Broken
  The First Christmas
  Have You Lost God?
  John's Message For Today
  Why He Came
  How To Effectively Resist Temptation
  Gone Fishing: How To Share Your Faith
  Dead Man Walking
  Follow Me
  12 Men Who Shook The World
  Authentic Christian Living
  How To Forgive Others
  What Is Your Life Built On?
  Dealing With Doubt
  Reactions To The Gospel
  When God Went On Trial
  The Day That Jesus Died
  A New Beginning
  The Road To Hope
  Final Thoughts
  Who Is God? (Part 1)
  Who Is God? (Part 2)
  Who Is Jesus? (Part 1)
  Who Is Jesus? (Part 2)
  Why Did Jesus Die?
  Why Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?
  Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Part 1)
  Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Part 2)
  What About Angels?
  Who Is The Devil?
  What About The Devil And Demons?
  Overcoming The Devil's Tactics
  Who Is Man?
  The Problem With Man
  What Is Sin?
  What Is The Gospel?
  What Is Salvation?
  Results Of Salvation
  What Is Prayer?
  How To Pray
  The Model Prayer
  The Importance Of Forgiveness In Prayer
  Hindrance In Prayer
  The Spirit Empowered Church
  What Is The Church
  The Church In The Word
  What Is Worship?
  The Worshipping Church
  The Loving Church